Skin Allergy and Its Main Sources

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Skin Allergy and Its Main Sources

Skin Allergy

It is a very important fact which should be in everyone’s knowledge, that those things which are harmless to us might turn dangerous if our immune system shows hypersensitivity to them i.e. if we become allergic. And it takes almost 10 days after first contact when we become sensitive to something. But in case of allergy the time span is relatively short, our body shows reaction within few minutes or it might take a day or two, after coming in contact with that particular thing.

Common Sources of Skin Allergies

Nickel is used in the products we consume daily like, jewelry, buttons and the snap on jeans we wear. Balsam of Peru in fragrances and skin lotions we use can cause skin allergy.

Neomycin sulfate
Antibiotic like neomycin sulfate is found in soaps, ointments, and occasionally in cosmetics too causes skin allergy.

Plant as source of allergy
Poison ivy that is present in Urushiol colorless oil found in plants sap, fruit, leave etc. when a person comes in contact with it i.e. by touching or rubbing the sap or through other means it causes dermatitis.

Latex allergy An allergic person’s body shows reaction to a protein in latex. It is commonly used in elastic gloves, balloons and condoms etc.

Those people who suffer from eczema are more likely to have skin allergies like, inflammation and itchiness of skin and swimmer’s ear.